Swift LMS –The Best Value LMS for Corporates and Training Companies


As eLearning is moving towards its best forms, using a learning managment system (LMS) is no more an option but a necessity for training needs. Swift HCM is releasing its next version of LMS which is an easily adaptable, vivid and customized product which possesses the guaranteed features that meets all the training, learning and development needs.

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Custom eLearning Development: Printable Quiz Data in Storyline 2 with JavaScript


Among all the eLearning authoring tools, I love the adaptability of Articulate Storyline 2 and its ability to relinquish the default options for a really customized quizzing in order to create a better eLearning experience. Be it custom eLearning or rapid eLearning development, the blend of JavaScript in Storyline creates endless prospects to make best eLearning courses.

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Cost of Training Vs. Cost of Not Training


Human resources are the drivers of organization’s business endeavors. They cause business to win new opportunities and help grow further. Eventually, they also impact negatively on business results. Smart businesses recognize this critical constituent and act to turn it in their favor. So, the important question is ‘What is that they do to achieve it?’

The answer is: ‘Workforce training is the only idea which helps them’.

“Training is the most effective and efficient instrument to make an impactful change in the workforce performance making a company grow.”

In many organizations, training is often abandoned due to unsustainable reasons of Cost.

In this blog, I will try to put forth rationale to convince that “Not Training” can cost significantly higher than the Training Cost.

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Elearning Design: How to Choose the Right Graphics for eLearning?


Why Use Graphics in eLearning?

Well, as the saying goes the picture is worth a thousand words, choosing the relevant graphic/visual in eLearning matters. Choosing is not enough, you have to execute it properly to reinforce learner’s understanding and ensure its learning value. Many studies suggest that well-designed graphics in the learning process:

  • Minimize the cognitive load
  • Build mental models and
  • Support motivation

As a result, there will be increase in the comprehension and retention. But most often, we fail to leverage the potential of graphics in the eLearning. Appropriate blend of both visual and instructional principles ensure the learning effectiveness in the elearning.

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Big data: How Elearning Can Benefit From It?


In this data-driven world, have you ever thought of capturing learner’s activities while learner takes the online training course (to improve learning experience)?

Big Data in eLearning has answer for this!

Having a clear idea on big data and learning analytics can help you design more personalized eLearning courses. In this blog we will explore how eLearning or digital learning can be benefited from big data and data analytics from learning management system (LMS). Read more